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I enjoyed your rant on Anson Mills grits. (I found your blog because I was looking for the nutrional value of real grits; not what most of America thinks of as grits)

Did you try Shrimp and Grits? It's actually not complicated. Make a rue about the color of a walnut, add in your choice of vegetables to saute' (I use onion and red bell pepper, with minced garlic last to keep from burning). While vegetables are cooking, add in salt, pepper (black and red)and any herbs you care to season with, all to taste. When vegetables are almost done (onions are just starting to turn clear) add in you liquid. I use fish or a mild chicken stock. Add enough liquid to make a medium sauce, then add your shrimp (I just made this with fresh tuna) and cook until pink, about 3 to 5 minutes. Serve with Grits (stone ground, whole grain of course such as Anson's) and Texas Pete on the side. The whole process takes only 20 - 30 minutes, the length of time to cook your grits. Enjoy!

Rondell Jenkins

You got some illegal documents you trying to hide from the cops or something?


I just moved and the greatest joy has been throwing out papers that are no longer relevant. Especially ones that represented obligations that I have either fulfilled, or (more often) decided not to. So liberating!

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