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Sarah where in Chicago (Lakeview, specifically) is it possible to get a good espresso? My Portuguese husband will thank you.


Good question. It isn't that there aren't lots of good coffee shops around, it's that none of them really seem to focus on espresso, because that's not what most people want. I did have a decent espresso last weekend at The Italian Coffee Bar, 1549 Sherman. But that's not convenient if you live in Lakeview.

By the way, what do you have against the Packers? (I know I'm not supposed to be a Packer fan living in Chicago but I grew up in Wisconsin. Some things aren't meant to change.)


The Italian Coffee Bar=I concur. I work right across the street and, sadly, go there every single day (I used to hate espresso, and think I still do in theory, and became hooked when I went to the motherland to meet the in-laws and experienced that caffeine-shooting-down-your-spinal-cord sensation for the first time. Evil stuff. Inteligentsia is not bad in Lakeview, actually.

Nothing against the Packers, thank you very much, I'm a Marquette grad.

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