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Keith Povall

Sounds a whole lot more appetising than you will find in most UK based cafes. I know some people who had a small cafe and the tendency is to fry everything. Sausages deep fried to par cook them (YUK). Speed may be the essence, but I think UK standards compared to what I have experience in the US, are very poor.

ANyhow, book me on the forst flight over and I will come for brekky. All the best from England, a fellow foodie.



In my last trip to London (in 2000) the local food scene had improved considerably from previous visits (many years earlier), but maybe breakfast isn't a strong point. Most days coffee is all I need, but every once in a while you gotta splurge.

ellen healy

Hi Piscky,

Really am liking your postings when I,m on the internet. Think it is way cool the way you get up and cook at the Inspiration Cafe, which sounds like a wonderful place. Maybe somehere in your text you could briefly mention that it is a place that serves the homeless or under priviledged because the only way that info comes accross is by hitting the link. Anyway I am very moved by what you do. Are the meals free? How many people do you serve?

Just curious,


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