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Please advise how one peels/pits etc. a mango. Believe it not, they are now available in our grocery store (remember the wilds where we live--we just got havarti cheese last yeat) and we love them. However, we are stuggling we how to pit them and still make them look appetizing!
Any advice,


good article on sourdough!


About sister in law is from guayana and had a mango tree in her backyard. You want the mango to be the same "ripe firmness" as a plum. It should have a decent amount of red or dark orange on the peel, and the end should smell sappy. The pit is flat, and the mango follows this shape. You need to cut it from the stem end to the pointy tip; do this on each side, and you should have cut out the pit. Kids LOVE chewing on mango pits (or save it for yourself). Now lay the peel side down, and score the mango into cubes; don't cut through the peel. Push the peel up and the cubes seperate and make it easy to eat!



I came to your site looking for a bread recipe without yeast and I loved your detailed instructions on creating the starter. However, I am at a loss on how much started should I add. Is there a recipe that you can provide for making bread with this starter.
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