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Really liked the article on raw fish. I buy raw salmon at the local grcery, smell it and eat it raw all the time hoping for the best!


I like reading all info on raw fish, like you said your body is not a temple it's an amusement park. bought some bad fish once and had to get off the ride and puke my guts out dont wish food poisoning from fish on anyone. Thought I was dying. That never stopped me from eating fish I used to eat sushi 2 to 3 times a week when living in Toronto, Timmins well not too many Japanese people here. I've been scared to make my own sushi did for the first time last night and I hoped for the best.........had raw tuna it was so good I should have done this long ago been here for 3 years now really missed my sushi. I only been eating it in my dreams here in Timmins. So from now on it's Sushi night at least twice a week.
Sushi Girl in Timmins


Very informative article. I feel lucky, as the natives in my area have fresh salmon and other seafood readily available. I would like to emphasize your statement that if it smells bad, don't eat it. Most seafood sold at the local grocer smells bad. Always give your seafood the sniff test before purchase. Fish is extremely healthy for us. Anyone who frequents the fast food chains, ought to replace this habit with a relaxing visit to the local sushi bar instead. You will most likely see a dramatic change in many of your bodily functions.

Helen Rennie

I loved your post on pros and cons of consuming raw fish. After I started making my own sashimi, it's hard to go back to sushi restaurants. I am currently investigating whether freezing salt water fish is really necessary. The parasites in them are really rare. If you happen to know of any articles on this matter, drop me a line.

Can't wait to read more of your blog.


Jim H

The parasites are relatively rare, but seem to be related to poor handling.
I.E., not cleaning the fish quickly enough, and/or not freezing properly.
Make sure you buy "sushi" grade to ensure best possible care in handling...

One possible pathogen:

Acai Powder

Nice bog you have here. I pretty much lurk the internet when I'm bored and read all I can about the organic lifestyle, but I really liked you view on things. I'll bookmark the site and subscribe to the feed!


Sashimi is my "happy food".
For years I thought indulging had to come at a price by going to a sushi bar, ordering to my heart's content, tiping the sushi Master, in all due courtesy, and limping home, $100 lighter. Turns out I can purchase gorgeous center cut fillets of salmon, yellowfin, and albacore, (luv salmon skin hand rolls), organic soy sauce, and wasabi, from Fresh & Easy or Trader Joe's, (and a 6 or 12 pack of brew), jam home, and feast healthfully (okay, the brew doesn't necessarily count), all the while saving funds, for a more frequent treat to me!
There IS something to be said for presentation, and atmosphere, when a sushi Master is found who appreciates an open pallet, and will delight in tantilizing tastebuds with creativity, and simplicity alike, but when I crave the simple, buttery, calming, sanctuary of fresh Atlantic or Alaska salmon sashimi, with an ice cold lager, why not enjoy at home, where the salmon is hand cut by me, and the brew has no stoppage (not to mention, no drive home to worry about!)??? Otherwise, I totally am willing to pay for a hand roll to die for, made by my favorite sushi Master...taste the luv...


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Raw fish recipes also tastes good with the right mix of spices.


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