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Keith Povall

You can get some decent wine that comes in boxes, but unfortunately the rule of thumb is that wine boxes contain "party wine". Agreee with all you said about keeping it from oxidising, but oxidation could do some of the dross you get in boxes, the world of good.

Pierre Brill

Could samebody help me with some producers of Bag in box 3 litre.

Thank you in advance,

PiƩrre Brill

Fly by Night Sailor

For some good boxed wine suggestions look at or
Boxed wines are types meant to be consumed young. The reds will benefit from breathing as will any young red in a bottle. Wine in an bottle won't really "breathe" by simply pulling the cork; this exposes less than one square inch of wine surface to the air. Both bottle and box wines require either decanting, or other aeration. Try pouring with 10-12" of fall to the bottom of the glass, and then swirl aggressively.
In it's day, the bottle was a new technology that brought wine into the homes of the mass market. Now it's happening again, and oddly enough, Europeans seem to be adapting more readily; perhaps they are less insecure about their relationships with wine.
Fly by Night Sailor

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